successful first edition of nofound_photoreviews

“The standard of the three reviewers was excellent – and all offered encouragement and advice about my work.
I now feel I have a few specific things to aim at as a photographer.” – Oliver, nofound_photoreview participant.”


Photo-Festivals are very proud that we’ve been part of such a wonderful and successful project as nofound_photofair.

In June 2011, we’ve partnered with nofound_photofair to design and deliver nofound_photoreviews, the first edition of the portfolio reviews which was held on the 12th and 13th November 2011.

nofound_photofair’s team created a unique space at the heart of the fair, Espace d’Échanges par Photo-Festivals where nofound_photoreviews and nofound_phototalks took place over the weekend.


We selected 27 reviewers according to their expertise, experience and broad knowledge in the field of Photography and Contemporary Art. These included well renowned international curators, gallery dealers, editors, publishers etc (check out the full list here). This year, we celebrated the dynamic British photography scene and introduced some of its key figures.

Over 50 artists-photographers travelled far, coming from Spain, Russia, France, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium and even Japan to attend no found_photoreviews!

“In retrospect after one month, I am still so enthusiastic about the special, touching atmosphere and
the good quality and new visions. Art, galleries, people, conversations, and all this happened perfectly settled in Autumn in my Marais.” – Catrine, nofound_photoreview participant.


The feedback we’ve received from participants has been encouraging and positive and we are looking forward to future editions.

They all gained the advice, encouragements, feedback and support they needed as emerging artists. Some will also be collaborating and working their reviewers in the future, ‘success stories’ we will inform you about.

Already one of the participants, Sharon Boothroyd interviewed one of her reviewers Marc Feustel on social media on her blog.


Make sure you don’t miss out on our fantastic opportunities to network with industry specialists, do not hesitate to email us for more information.

We look forward to collaborating again nofound_photofair soon!



(all pictures by Photo-Festivals)