‘Mitosis’ by Jonny Briggs

I have been working with artist Jonny Briggs for about a year on a solo show for White Project Gallery in Paris. This show closes my collaboration this year with the French gallery.


Jonny Briggs‘ work is a cathartic experience. The artist invites his parents to evolve outside of the reality and to participate in the spectacle of the anxieties of his childhood. His photographs, tapestries and objects / sculptures are dramatic representations of an unsettled past marked by mixed feelings that have defined his place within the family.
Jonny Briggs builds the most convoluted mise-en-scène that reflect his uncanny relationship to parenthood. Filiation is tangled up in the shirt of the father, the inquisitive finger of the mother threatens the child (or is it the father?) who finds refuge in a forest drawn to escape her, a nose appears … Identities are blurred, the fathers’ mask bears the imprint of the son, and the false symmetry of the relations constantly threaten the balance of an imaginary unit.
Jonny Briggs observes the family mythology from the vantage point of a child. In the absence of any conditioning, the boundaries between fiction and reality become blurred in this sublimated universe with uncertain scales and perspectives. Metafiction invades the space in which the artist reveals his tricks to remind the viewer that he is confronted with a projection of his desires and fears.
Mitosis is the stage of the cycle of life during which the cell divides to give rise to two identical cells with the same genetic heritage. In his works, Jonny Briggs thus challenges the origin of his self and recreates a family mitosis where cells divide to better blend.

I am very please to announce the opening of the exhibition ‘Mitosis’ on 26th April 2012. The exhibition will continue until 2nd June.

You can find the press release here.